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The brand name GOGGLES was actually adapted directly from what the word means itself, taking inspiration from the casual, active and sporty element of goggles. Hence the brand specializes in creating modern casual wear.


GOGGLES has been around since 1989, with the esteemed leadership of its founder Danny Chai, the brand started with just a handful of outlets in departmental stores, now GOGGLES is widely available at about 100 outlets in leading departmental stores like Jusco, Metrojaya, Parkson, and Sogo to name just a few.


On top of that, there are also 6 standalone boutiques situated throughout Malaysia in respectable shopping malls such as Sungei Wang, Sunway Pyramid, KL Festival City, Jusco Seremban 2, Jusco Rawang, Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall and there are more to come!


So fan of GOGGLES, look out for more new exciting GOGGLES stores that are bound to put more hype to your wardrobe.





GOGGLES first started with simple basic wear and jeans, but GOGGLES now specializes in fashionable and stylish casual wear. Even the brand logo which was initially gray in colour was changed to red colour about five years ago when the brand was revamped. Not only the brand took on a brighter and more vibrant look, even the stores are given a new appearance for better shopping pleasure. GOGGLES fashion wear has also grown to become even more contemporary and modish. Every different collection carries different elements and accents on its own featuring better detailing, textures, fabrics, prints and patterns.


However, regardless of any new collection launching, GOGGLES often take pride in designing pieces that highlight their main palette shades of red, black and white. Never moving too far from its brand heritage in making wearable casual separates, GOGGLES has evolved into using quality materials and new fabrics giving even more option to its wearer to mix and match their outfits. Living up to its claim in offering value for money claim, GOGGLES will be aiming to be at par with international casual fashion standards where the new collection would include the latest seasonal trends with localized styles.


As seen with this current collection where the theme is American Dream, the key colours are red, blue and white with designs and styles that speaks of the carefree American spirit, individuality and lifestyle. It is a mixture of hip urban fashion in relaxed, fun and energetic casual clothing where one can have the sky as the limit to form the outfits that flatter themselves, their lifestyles and their dreams.